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At lifestyle Coaches, we have a Registered Dietitian to help you with one of the most important aspects in achieving your health and fitness goals...the food you use to fuel your body.

What’s The Difference Between A Registered Dietitian And A Nutritionist?

The term nutritionist is not a regulated title and can technically be held by anyone. There are a number of online self-study “courses” as well as certificate programs available that “earn” someone the title nutritionist. Some of these programs are very good while others can be quite lacking in depth, scope and formal educational requirements.

A Registered Dietitian on the other hand is a much more regulated profession. Registered dietitians are required to a have minimum of 4 years academic study from an accredited university, they must partake in a 900 hour supervised internship, pass a comprehensive national examination and complete ongoing continuing education to maintain their status as an RD. As professionals, they are also held to a professional code of ethics much like physicians.

lifestyle Coaches Options

At lifestyle Coaches we offer a variety of different nutritional services from 1-hour consultations to complete meal planning. Our most popular package is the full consultation and custom meal plan. 

This option begins with you completing a nutritional questionnaire to give our Registered Dietitian a good picture of your health history, past experiences with diet and any dietary considerations. You will also be asked to specifically log 2-3 typical days of eating. It’s important to be honest--no one is here to judge what you eat, we’re simply here to help you! This “mini food log” will help our Registered Dietitian get an idea of what your typical day may look like in order to identify areas opportunity for improvement to help you reach your goals faster.

Once you’ve complete the initial nutrition packet, you will be scheduled for a 1-hour consultation with the Registered Dietitian. During this private meeting, you will discuss your goals, barriers you’ve had with success, food preferences, etc. You will also discuss some general guidelines for eating and healthy eating tips. Upon completion of the consultation, our Registered Dietitian will have all the information she needs to create a custom meal plan based on your caloric needs, preferences and goals.

Interested In Our Nutritional Services?

You see, many different diet programs help you achieve temporary weight loss. Generally, these are “crash diets” that throw your hormonal, psychological, and physical systems out of balance. This leads to weight loss stalling and eventual rebound weight gain which pushes your systems even further out of balance. 

We've studied this problem and developed a solution that allows for weight loss without crashing and most importantly without the rebound weight gain. This system should be the last one you ever need as it's designed to produce as close to permanent weight loss as possible.