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Personal Coaching

At lifestyle coaches, personal coaching is exactly how it should be…Nothing else. No judgements, wandering eyes or distractions. You come to lifestyle coaches for one thing…training!

How It Works

Every client begins their journey with a FREE session. Personal Coaches is a big investment. You don’t go to a dealership and purchase a vehicle without taking it for a test drive first. The same goes for our services. Let us show you why it’s worth your time and investment. You won’t regret it. If you haven’t already scheduled your FREE session you can do so here.

What To Expect During Your FREE Session

During you first visit we ask you to come in about 5 minutes early to fill out a few pieces of paperwork. We’ll gather your general information, answer a physical readiness questionnaire, sign a waiver and put some of your personal goals on paper. From there, you and your coach will briefly review the answers and begin your session.

The session will begin with a few brief movement assessments to ensure there are no major contraindications to exercise. 

Then you will move into a mini-workout to get a feel for the atmosphere and our coaching style. During this workout you’ll break a small sweat but bear in mind this is a test drive, not an intense bout of exercise by any means.

Upon completion of your mini-workout, assuming you loved everything about us (which we find hard to believe you won’t) we’ll sit down and discuss the variety of packages available and decide which works best for you.

What To Expect During Your First Session As A lifestyle Client

Congratulations! During your first session you and your trainer will go through a full fitness assessment to establish a baseline to compare against future assessments as well as identify any physical limitations that may exist. 

During your initial assessment a few of the biometrics recorded will be bodyweight, bodyfat percentage, resting pulse, blood pressure and circumference measurements. Then you will transition into testing strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. At the conclusion of your assessment you and your coach will review the results and sit down to discuss in depth your needs and set some personal goals for which to strive.

Your Custom Plan Of Action

You've got the first session under your belt. Now go home and rest up because the fun is about to begin! Your coach is now armed with everything they need to design a long term plan to help you reach your goals. 

They will put together a full picture of how your program will progress and what your first phase of workouts will entail. Moving forward every 6-8 weeks you and your coach will sit down to re-assess your biometrics and fitness assessments and discuss your goals to determine how you are progressing. If things are going great we’ll decide how to keep them going. If you are not where you hoped you’d be, we’ll discuss why, figure out what’s happening outside the studio, and try to help you create a personal plan of action for staying accountable to your goals.

What are you waiting for? Try it out Today. At lifestyle coaches, your first session is FREE...CLICK HERE!